• Amanda Hille, Vice President, Members’ Experience ·      Oral/Printed Game Day Communication ·      Dawg Digest Editor/Coordinator ·      Prize Procurement (via Representative) ·      Road Trip Planning (via Representative) ·      Facility Preparation (via Representative)
  • Jennifer West, Vice President, Administration (Secretary) ·      Roster Management (with BBW and local) ·      Creation of Dawg Tags & Management of Dawg Tags ·      Collect Applications & Dues ·      Responsible for Game Day Check-in & Greeting ·      Safekeeping of Club Documents/Correspondence plus creation of meeting minutes 
  • Larry Jackson, Vice President, Finance (Treasurer) ·      Hold/Manage Bank Accounts including All Deposits/Withdrawals ·      Distribute Approved Funds ·      Develop InitialSeason/Year Budget ·      Ongoing Refinement of Budget/Monitoring of Budget ·      Reporting Financial Status of Club
  • ​​Peggy Cannefax, President ·      Representative to Browns Backers Worldwide (BBW) primary organization ·      Voice to Hosting Facility ·      Responder to External Communications from Visitors/Vendors ·     Club’s Mature Authority/Tie-Breaker 
OFFICERS & BOARD OF GOVERNERS:  The Officers of the Alamo Area Browns Backers are found below along with a summary of their responsibilities. 
  • Don Davie, Board of Governors  ·      Approval of All Fundraising Efforts ·      Setup & Execution of All Elections ·      Define Officer’s Responsibilities ·      Approve All Club Authorized Expenses ·      Assist All Officer Responsibilities as required ·      Determine Charitable Targets & Contributions ·      Perform Greeter Duties as required (e.g. acting in place of VP, Administration)
  • Keith Hille, Vice President, Social Networking (CIO) ·      Web Master (Creation/Maintenance of Club’s Webpage), Twitter Account & Facebook Page (as appropriate) ·      New Dawg Digest Online Site Manager ·      Internal Competition Management thru Volunteers ·      Management of Links to External Articles contributed by Volunteers 

Alamo Area Browns Backers